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Request for calculation

Diabetes program

Please, fill in the form below to send the request for calculations.

Please be sure to include your contact details and e-mail.


Required fields:  " Regime and amount of insulinotherapy " (for. example: Protophane HM: 9.00 - 8IU, 20.00 - 4IU; Actrapide HM: 9.00 - 9IU, 14.00 - 9IU, 20.00 - 5IU); "bread units" (or equivalent); (for examle: 9.15 - 10XE, 14.00 - 8XE, 17.00 - 4XE, 20.30 - 6XE); glycemia, (for example: (8.30 - 6,3mM, 13.30 - 7,1mM, 19.00 - 6.9mM))

Other parameters may be inserted in the field "other parameters"

For example : "Number of islet equialents transplanted" (for example: 300000IQ; can be "0" - patient without implant), patient's weight (kg) - 70kg, macrocapsule permeability etc.

The more parameters are inserted (especially from (The list of input and output parameters) the better it is for calculations. In other case averaged values will be used.



Please take into account the period of request proceeding is approximatelly 3 weeks

Your details were sent successfully!

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