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  • BIODEVICE systems, based in the Czech Republic, is an independent provider of certified cell-based testing and computationally assisted assay for the international life sciences industry.


  • BIODEVICE systems does not seek to share new intellectual property created by its services or products. All data generated from company analysis belongs to the customer. Customers own all data and retain all rights to their materials.


  • BIODEVICE supplies cell-based analysis with exceptional predictive value. The company delivers this analytical capability to its customers by using special algorithms of computerized analysis of data on the all stages of investigations. (from molequles/cells behavior to cell/tissue development in 3D microenvironment/organism).


  • Exceptional conditions (free of charge research and very low prices) for new customers of the company are available in 2015


  • BIODEVICE  offers a range of products and services designed to meet different customer needs (from computerized investigation/elaboration of effective therapeutic molecules/materials and routine cytotoxical tests to investigation of therapeutics and materials on the animals). Clinically approved trials can also be supported if necessary.


  •  Services are tailored for clients wishing to out-source the biological testing of their candidate therapeutics or other test materials. Services are scalable, offering flexibility from single-figure numbers up to medium/high-throughput screening. Data are supplied with interpretation and if required, recommendations for next-step development.

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