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The basis of our philosophy is an integral approach to simulation (reconstruction) of biological properties of 3D constructions.

We provide full support at all stages: from material testing to prototype manufacturing (or clinical trials).

Computerized simulation and software creation.


The main sphere of our activity is development and application of computer simulation of biological processes (oxygen/nutrient/hormone transfer at different diseases; Sewage treatment; Biogas technology; tissue engineering, biomaterials/cell interaction etc.)

Cell-based analysis and development of 3D structures


We provide in vitro testing of material biocompatibility for different kinds of biological and medical applications (ISO). The final stage includes high-resolution scanning, computer recognition, reconstruction and 3-D structure simulation of biological tissues, image analysis and quantification of the tissue-engineering construction using computerized modelling.

Micromanufacturing of bioartificial structures


We realize validation of mathematical (computerized) models using 3D prototyping (including 3D printing) for in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Validation stage includes the creation of a  tool (prototype) with required inner microstructure and cell loading with further testing.





Praha 10,

Bulharska 996/20

PSC 155 00



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