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Our company was created in 2007 for the development and application of computerized simulation for biological data analysis in biomedical field (tissue engineering, biogas substrats, biomaterials/cell interaction, morphometric analysis of microobjects). One of the main tasks is integration of various types of experimental data and theoretical predictions into simulation (prognosis) of cells and tissue development both in vitro and in vivo. In particular, we are involved in modeling of tissue engineered constructions and identification of functionally important conditions of its homeostasis.
Robert Urban
Project Manager

.Head of project managment and administration team

Alexander Makhaniok
Mathematic modelling

Head of Computerized simulation team. Leading specialist in elaboration of mass-transfer strategies.

Igor Balykin
Marketing and Consulting

Head of International collaboration department. Communications and marketing

Vitaly Goranov
Tissue engineering

M.D.,Ph.D.  Head of tissue engineering team. 

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