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The software package implements simulation of MNPs concentrations along detecting microfluidic channel in various diffusion intervals. The ability to distinguish between biomarkers of different sizes is a crucial aspect of MADIA technology - increasing the hydrodynamic radius reduces the diffusion.  The developed software aims at  the optimisation of most efficient instrumental configurations and accurately defines the tolerable dispersion of nanoparticles.

Calculation of nanoparticle size according to experimental data

Definition of  parameters for optimization of experimental design


BIOSYS is engaged in the project for developing a simulation platform to model the diffusion of nanoparticles loaded with different agents in microchanels. Finally the development of specific software for the calculation of diffusion processes in the experimental device to achieve its maximum sensitivity will be elaborated. .  The web service will be adapted/optimized for interaction with clients who will be able to check new software possibilities online.

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Makhaniok AA, Goranov VA, Dediu VA  Evaluation of the protein layer thickness on the surface of polydisperse nanoparticles according to the distribution of its concentration along the measuring channel. Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics, 2019. Vol.92, No. 1, PP27 - 36.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732678


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