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Program Diabetes

Example of Simulation of carbohydrate metabolism of a patient with diabetes after transplantation of macrocapsule (capsule) with islet cells. Program Diabetes is aimed at optimization of insuline therapy of the patients with diabetes with/without islet cell transplant.  The program takes into account the main parameters, influencing patients' metabolism, as well as the time and way of patient's nutrition, the level of glycemia  etc. The program allows to predict the necessary number of islet cells, transplanted into the organism to reach the  disease compensation, depending on macro/microcapsule permeability. The program may be used for insuline therapy correction during the period of transplanted cells adaptation, diet correction and the amount of incoming nutrients.

Simulation of insulin kinetics is based on the models of Maki-Keizer and Keener, and aimed at assessing the functional properties of the graft with the islet cells implanted in the vascularized area. Simulation solves the system of kinetic equations and diffusion equations for glucose and insulin, and calculates the amount of insulin extracted from such a implant, taking into account exogenous insulin delivery and nutrients (delivered with food).

Results of simulation: Glucose and insulin fluctuations in the  organism of  a recipient, taking into account exogenous factors demonstrated below.

Influence of macrocapsule permeability properties on insulin release.

Capsules permeability:1(10%); 2 (30%); 3 (50%)


Praha 10,

Bulharska 996/20

PSC 155 00



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